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Lock icon on Windows 2008 R2 server for one user appeared today

Jason Johanknecht
Jason Johanknecht used Ask the Experts™
Lock appeared on one users shared files hosted on 2008 R2 domain.  If I create a new folder with only her & administrators access, all files created have the lock.  I only user file & folder permissions, never use the share this file wizard.  Server has been in place for 4 years, and no problems until today.  Only one of 20 users is effected.  Files are not locked, encrypted, or archive.  The files are mostly PDF scans, but I have tested creating new files (TXT) with the same issue.  If I move the files to another folder, the lock disappears.  I logged off the user in question, and logged back and she can access files again.  Worried the problem will return since the lock icon is still present on the files (Not present before today).
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Can you share the screen shot of same?

I believe the root folder is encrypted, so removing encryption from folder properties \ general \ advanced tab should fix issue


take folder ownership and provide that specific user full control permissions
Jason JohanknechtIT Manager


The root folder and all other sub folders do not have the lock icon.  I will get a screen shot asap.
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I ran a defrag overnight on the server, and everything is working today.  It had shown the last defrag was over 2 years prior.  Hopefully that will resolve things.
Jason JohanknechtIT Manager


I have seen weird results when server defrags haven't been run in awhile.  This software company doesn't like the defrag running in fear of database corruption, so they turned it off.  I will just manually stop their database and defrag semi annually to hopefully prevent this again.  Thanks for your input.