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Good afternoon,

We've recently had a customer DC and File Server server crash, and while we've redirected all users Folder Redirection folders to the new file server, it looks like users Offline Folders are still trying to sync back to the dead server. This brings up 2 questions.

1. I assume I just need to find the Offline Files GPO and point it to the new server. I haven't parsed through all of them yet, it just wasn't in the Folder Redirection GPO.

2. I had a Win10 users hard drive fill up this morning, and not knowing they had Offline Files (see above lack of GPO understanding) I disabled Offline Files and rebooted. I did not delete anything out of the CSC folder or do anything to the security, but of course now we can't see cached data after gpupdate. If I re-enable Offline Files, reboot the end user computer, the CSC folder will still be there and accessible correct? I'll have to fix the partnership on the server via GPO, but I'm a bit gun shy to reboot after I disabled it.

Thanks for any tips Experts.
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CSC offline folders are VERY hard to get rid off. It's very persistent, you do NOT fear it will be gone.

Yes it will fill the whole HDD, and yes, I sometimes need to force it to be deleted (take ownership etc etc)


Thanks Kim,

That thing won't auto delete though right? Basically this lady had been working offline since December 20th when the server crashed, and never even knew it. Filled up her drive, so I disabled Offline Files so I could take care of that. Rebooted. Ran GPupdate, she pulled her new Folder Redirection settings, but the data was old, because she's been offline. If I Re-Enable, reboot, she'll at least be able to see the offline stuff again correct, even if it doesn't have a server to sync to?

Thanks again.
If she doesn't get rerouted to the offline folders correctly, you can still access the files in the CSC folder (with some access rights stuff to fix). It will NOT auto-delete.

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