Organizing Applications in Storefront/XenApp 715

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Hello.  We are using Netscaler with StoreFront 3.15 pointing to a XenApp 7.15.  Since we no longer have the option for a list of apps and have to use the grid, wondering if there is a way to create additional folders within a Category to help with organization?


Thanks in advance.
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i think you see the storefront-page within netscaler ...
you can configure category\subcategory within application settings.

check this article too:


Thanks, we are already using Categories as our default, but wish to create folders within each one to make this more granular.  ie..  this is what we see (Attached).  What we'd like is after you click on say ST1, we can have additional folders/categories to separate out even more.

What happens if you configure one (test-)application with category "ST1\NextCat" ?


Thanks Dirk, that worked.  Think when I was trying this before I was using an underscore or slash the other way.  Always the simple things... ;)

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