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Gilberto Sanches
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Hi experts,

Previously I used SoftEther VPN to connect from home with my corporate network. That's because it works through the ISP firewall & Corperate firewall & no static public IP needed. Although I found SofthEther difficult to setup.

I am searching for a guide or software to setup a VPN between the network of my clients & my own network over the internet. What can you advise / recommend?
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The issue with non-static public IPs is that you need an external service, at least to be able to establish negotiation. I don't know how that works with SoftEther  - I was not impressed with the setup either, and so refrained from testing it (yet) -  but technically it needs to do something similar if IP addresses change.
A DynDNS service is the least you need to implement. After having a valid DNS entry pointing to the current public IP, your options are many. E.g. using OpenVPN, optionally with the HTTPS port if otherwise blocked. You would have to create certificates for server and every user or machine connecting.
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We use PFSense (open source), and it supports quite a few VPN tunneling options.
We use it's OpenVPN implementation, if you create and configure your user and options, it automatically generates the client install which also contains the cert/keys.
Works great for our purposes. This is a host-your-own solution, though.
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Hey Qlemo, yes, the DynDNS service is useful. We'll look into it.
Hey Kent W, yes I am using pfSense for years. And already heard about corporation using it as VPN. Alright, I'll check out how VPN tunneling works.


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