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User profile is deleted automatically.

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Windows 10  has deleted the entire user's profile. I am left with a new desktop as if have logged for the first time and need to setup my Outlook and customize my browser.

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you need to explain from the very start as how windows 'deleted' the user profile.. Are you signed in with a temporary profile?  is the current profile username.001 ? and the older username was username?
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IN addition to David's question, is this a standalone or ad joined system

It might be following update, the profike might be in c:\windows.old
SMAHelpDeskIT Manager


The computer is on the network with Windows 10 clean install. there is no c:\windows.old on this computer.
When the user signs in gets a brand new profile as if the user never logged in to this computer before.
No temporary profile gets created. Searching the entire hard drive, including the recycle bin, no file and
folder that belonged to this user can be found.

Thank you,
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Info is needed profile auto deleted without being copied out sounds strange unless you have some maintenance....... At presume roaming profile......
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One of our in-house server techs found this answer and we are trying it with fingers crossed. Thanks to all who responded

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/User Profiles/Delete user profiles older than a specified number of days on system restart - THIS NEEDS TO BE DISABLED OR SET TO NOT CONFIGURED.

Credit to: https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/9lkera/how_to_fix_windows_10_1809_profile_deletion/