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Hi Experts,

I was a contractor for a company but they never gave me a laptop to use so I used my own.  Anyways long story short they gave me email and OneDrive account.  My contract ended and now I have this account under Settings->Email & accounts.  It's under the 'Accounts used by other apps'.   I see there is a 'Manage' button.  I click that and then I login but I never get the 'Remove' or 'Delete' the account.  I only got the options to disable devices.

I'm trying to follow all directions from their helpdesk but they don't understand, I don't see a 'Remove' button.  So hoping someone here can help.   I'm an administrator on my laptop too, so it shouldn't be a permissions issue. 

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What options do you gave under management?
Is this account administrative on your laptop?

Potentially this was done/disabled on the office365 side.
Do you still have access to the data.. Check with the former firm.


When I click manage, I only see 'Devices' and I can de-activate devices.  I de-activated all of them.

The clients account with that email is not and adminstrator on my laptop.  I only login with my login which is an administrator.

They said they would try this and obviously it did not work:

There should be a remove button. I went ahead and disabled your SLFB account and it takes 30 minutes to sync. My thought is that since you do not have a Remove button then it is synced with the O365 we manage. I went ahead and disabled the account. Let’s wait 30 minutes, restart your computer, and let me know if it is still there.

Not sure what 'data' I need access to.

Maybe they need to activate my email and my Office365 permissions too?
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Go through the Onedrive fir business and unlick it there ir uninstall it.
Often accessing this through the old control panel ..


I did all that.  Apparently there is another place to do this.  Microsoft customer service actually solved it.  Unreal how I didn't see this. Click on one of those and the account showed up with the Delete option.
Thanks for all your assistance!!!

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