google does nothing and the rest of the programs work.

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Google Chrome unresponsive.  Icons do not work.  Reloaded Google chrome from scratch and not difference.
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It is just the google chrome  icons that do not work even though you uninstalled the application then reinstalled, is this correct? Or is it all the icons on the desktop that do not launch? Have you tried to restart the computer? When you check the task manager is the application running? if so you need to kill all incidents of the application, then try to launch it again (restarting your computer will also kill the running application). Even though you uninstall chrome and reinstall it, this will not delete the user profile in Chrome. You need to delete the user profile in chrome that maybe causing the problem.
Click on the windows key on your keyboard and type (or copy and paste the following) %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User data
Hit Enter.
Look for folder name ‘Default folder’
Copy it to another drive as a backup, and then delete this folder.
Launch Chrome Again, and go to Settings > Advanced > Reset
When you launch Chrome this folder will be recreated, you may lose some of your bookmarks or your website passwords but these can be copied from your back up
If this does not help follow the rest of the steps on
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Note: "Does Nothing" is vague.

Suggestion: Make a short video showing what Chrome does on launch. Also include in your video, what occurs when you use FireFox.

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