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need a camera for a live stream meeting that has a remote that can control the camera from 50 feet away.

I have purchased a logitech BCC950 for doing some meetings.  The device comes with a remote to adjust the zoom pan and tilt.  It works fine, if you are in front of the camera.  From behind, it does not work unless you are about 2 feet from it.  Must be the sensor not getting signal from behind.  I need to find a good camera simialr to this (does not need to have the speakerphone capabilities, but would be nice) that has a remote control that works from about 50 feet away.  Any suggestions?
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Paul MacDonald

8/22/2022 - Mon
Paul MacDonald

You don't mention what OS you're using, what your price range is, or what other technology is available to you, so here are some options that may or may not be appropriate:

Very generic and low-cost.  Uses your phone and wi-fi for remote control.
Vanxse CCTV 2.0MP

Highly specialized, very expensive.  Uses a radio frequency remote that should meet your 50' requirement.
Logitech MeetUp

My suggestion would be to fix a price point you can't exceed, then decide if you want/need/can to do remote control over wi-fi.  If not wi-fi, then you're restricted to RF (radio frequency) for both range and indirect control.

Good luck!

Price range is $400 or less.  I would like to use RF for control of camera

Actually, I found this one for a little over $600.  I have my own lapel mic that plugs into the laptop this camera would be plugged into.  Do you think this camera would work for controlling from 50 feet away with the usb connected remote?
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.


I think I would be able to purchase the logitech meet up on our budget IF you are sure it can control the camera from 50 feet away.  I know I can use the app, but I would really like to have both options.  I have not been able to find any specs indicating the distance the remote will work.
Can you confirm this?
Paul MacDonald

That Logitech PTZ Pro you posted a photo of uses an infrared (IR) remote, I'm pretty sure.  You'll be in the same boat you are now in that it won't work well if you don't have line-of-sight to the receiver, which appears to be that little black window on the front, center, bottom of the camera.

The Logitech MeetUp explicitly states it uses a radio frequency (RF) remote.  I can't vouch for the range it offers, but I would expect it to reach 50' easily without line-of-sight and with good batteries. The Logitech Rally also offers an RF remote, but is much more expensive.

You can always contact Logitech for their range numbers, but if it were me I wouldn't worry about it.

When you say "line-of-sight" does that mean I have to be in front of the camera?  What if I am behind the camera 30 feet?  That was somewhat of the problem with the Logitech BCC950

I want to be able to control it from behind the audience.  The camera will be pointed at a podium and I want to follow the person around a bit from the back of the room
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Paul MacDonald

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