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Visual Studio 2019 Community License issue

I have installed the visual studio 2019 community but after some days it showing that my license has expired and I cant use it. Weird because it’s a community edition so shouldn’t it be free? I have done a ton of things – restarted my pc, reinstalled but still the same issue. Can someone guide here…what’s going on?
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Technical Director
Have you tried clicking on "Check for updated license"?


I signed out and signed back it and then clicked "check for updated license " it worked. Thank you
Partha MandayamTechnical Director

You are most welcome.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

Personally i don't regard VS as a monument of stability to these extra functionalities...with pretty much all the versions you should encountered some minor issues like problems with license..loosing Source Control connection...reentering credentials...etc...etc...
So just do the obvious thing like check for license..reenter credentials...and so on.