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Very slow keyboard response on Windows 10 Dell Mini Tower

The user has Windows 10 Pro running on a Dell mini tower.  They have either 8 or 16 GB of RAM

They are experiencing a delay when typing.  They say sometimes they have to press a key twice to get a character to appear.

If I control their computer remotely using TeamViewer, the characters appear as fast as I type.

I can certainly turn off startup items.  Is there anything else that I can check?

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Sr. Network / Systems Admin
First thing I would check is if something else is eating up system resources via task manager...check mem, cpu, and i/o.

If that's all in order...
Does this persist across reboots, and if so, does it immediately slow down after a reboot, or emerge later?

Obviously, try another keyboard (and port, if it's not wireless).

Which brings up, if it IS wireless, it may be experiencing interference, especially if there are other similar wireless keyboards around.
This would fit the TeamViewer ok, local not ok scenario.
Robert RComputer Service Technician

also if it is a wireless keyboard ask them to swap out the batteries with new ones.


He changed the mouse, and the problem went away.  I have to find out if he used a wired or wireless mouse.