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Is it easy way to install Office 2019 on user's computer?

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Hi Experts,

I found that Office 2019 deployment is not easier that its previous version. It looks like we need to install SharePoint on server first.  We are a small organization.  Is there a way to do the manual roll-out like Office 2016?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
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If you are  using office365, each user just needs to log into office.com with their credentials and there will be a link to download office. This will just be for desktop software. Sharepoint is online unless you have it on premises.
Use the Office Deployment Tool:


Use these steps to use it:


Basically, download once, use these files to install it on all PC's.
Download once is not totally correct though, try to update the installation source once in a while (saves post install update times)

After install, only need to activate it properly.
Have the files on a fast network, or fast USB memory.
Saves you the 3 to 4GB download times during install.


Thank you and let me try.