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Im trying to find out if a textbox for a password contains a special character, so written the following code:-
$("#txtPassword").on("keyup", function () {
	if ($("#txtPassword").val().match(/(.*[!,%,&,@,#,$,^,*,?,{,},|,(,),[,],_,-,/,\])/)) {
  } else {

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However its saying there is an issue with the regex command, Im assuming its to do with escape characters so changed the characters like []|\ and put a \ as an escape character, but didnt work.

Any ideas?
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Try this pattern:

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The following characters definitely need escaping, as they have special meaning (let me know if you want an explanation):

The / character also should probably be escaped, and just in case I've also escaped the round and curly bracket characters.

The commas are not used for delimiting, so I've just left one in there.
Terry WoodsIT Guru
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I tested the pattern here:


Excellent, worked great :-)

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