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Need to change the behavior/resizing/cropping of these background images

I am currently building a site that uses this template. http://themes.potenzaglobalsolutions.com/html/webster-responsive-multi-purpose-html5-template/service-04.html

The element I am stuck on is a little more than halfway down the page where is says, "Lets get started with the Webster!"
I really like the feature of having two full width images with text and calls to action like that. The only problem is the way the images are behaving.

Rather than always remaining the same height and getting cropped as the viewport size decreases, I would like the image to always be 100% width and have the height resize proportionately.

I understand that very quickly, perhaps as soon as md or even lg size, the height of the text in the div next to it will exceed the height of the image, so at that media query, I'd like it to be replaced with a different image I will create that is a less wide rectangle.

Then once it hits the sm size, it's fine for the images to be hidden as they currently are.

This question assumes that the answerer is viewing the site on an xl viewport size to begin with, as I would assume most desktop and laptop computers are.

Is this too complicated for a single question?
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