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2D Grid Mock-Up that is editable online

2D Grid Mock-Up

This concept contains an outdoor asphalt court area surrounded by grass, that could double as an area for people to gather, eat healthily, engage in commerce, etc.

The total asphalt surface should be 40' x 64' with court boundaries drawn in the center at 20' x 44'. The 10'  area around the drawn court boundaries could contain square tables strung together as well as separately and the area surrounding the asphalt surface would be grassy and could show people sitting in the grass.

I started this project by trying to mock it up using a 3d tool such as sketchup.com. What I liked about this approach was that I could make further edits using that tool as well as hand-off harder edits to others. It would all be online this way thus preventing the need to upload and download file changes.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get past even the smallest of hurdles using that and so assistance ether finding the right tool or getting this started in some way would be greatly appreciated.
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Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
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If your team has a subscription to office.com, powerpoint may be an option you are already paying for.
Ted PennerData Structures Engineer


I use google slides which do about the same thing as Powerpoint.  What's missing are electronic drawing tools on a grid screen. Like electronic graph paper but with drawing tools.
PowerPoint has grid lines, and can snap objects to it. So can LibreCAD which is a free download.