WSUS Database SQL or WID?

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We have a the following topology:

A. (5) Regions. WSUS at the Region with a SQL Database
B. 100 Branch Offices. WSUS as a VM at each office. No SQL.

We are having issues at the Branch Offices with the WSUS DB filling up with the native SQL Lite at 10GB.

A couple of questions:

1.  Can the WSUS at the Remote offices access the Regions WSUS SQL to prevent this? If so, how?
2. Can the Branch Offices WSUS utilize WID to alleviate the 10GB limit on SQL Lite?

Any recommendations or suggestions are welcomed.
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System Admin
Most likely you can configure your wsus to connect to the sql server however it depends on your connection and configuration.

As for your number 2 yes, you can configure WSUS to use WID during the setup. Just be sure your drive is large enough to hold the database.


Some of our system engineers are saying they were having significant issues using WID.

Ideally we would like the Branch offices WSUS to utilize the Region WSUS to pull the updates. We want to make certain that the Branch Office WSUS provides updates to the Branch office. Because of bandwidth concerns, we can't have the clients at the Branch Offices pulling the updates from the Region.

RobertSystem Admin

WID isn’t without it’s limits and issues but never had any real problems with it for something simple like wsus. That said it sounds like you may be to the size where you should consider a tool like sccm which allows better control of updates and gives you more functionality. There are other tools aside from sccm that allows for updating but my thought on it is when the product you are deploying updates to is mostly windows it makes sense to use a deployment tool from the people who write the updates your deploying.
If you want to use sql and WSus there are a lot of guides about how to configure. The one I linked was for changing from wid to sql but the process is similar

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