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Question:  I just bought a computer, advertised with a processor speed of 1.92 GHz.  When the machine arrived it was 1.44 GHz in the properties.  I know hard drives can come with two slightly different numbers.  Is that possible here or have I been cheated?  Thanks in advance, John Bridges
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
Usually the speed it's advertised will only shown when in load..try to stress your machine e.g. if you have Winrar/7Zip benchmark it and you should see the Ghz jump
AlexA lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.
Or use Prime95 which is the industry standard for benching CPU's

You can also turn off speedstep.
Dimitris MaleasData recovery engineer
Download Speccy and Cpu-z! Speccy will show the full spec of your machine and Cpu-z your clock speeds
Top Expert 2014
Hard to tell without knowing what CPU it has or the exact phrasing of the computer manufacturer's marketing. 1.92 GHz may well be the max clock rate and 1.44 being the base speed. CPU-Z as mentioned above will identify the CPU for you but at a guess it is this one.


Thanks to all four individuals responding.  This Exchange has never failed to respond to my situations, large and small (like this one).  Thanks again!

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