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drop asking dialog box

In windows as administrator when i say fx. cmd and run as administrator, should i say yes to dialog box " Do you ....".
How to disable this step i mean it should open cmd as administrator after selecting( not ask for ...)
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You can configure the User Account Control settings in Windows 10 by pressing the Cortana button and entering ‘user account’ in the search box. Then, select Change User Account Control Settings to open the window in the snapshot directly below.
    A UAC dialog box might also open when you select to open UAC settings. Press the Yes button to confirm.
    Now drag the bar slider to Never notify.
    Press the OK button to apply the selected setting.
    Click Yes on the UAC window that opens.
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Thank you both. It was what i want. it's working now.
it's domain user (in freeipa) it take 30 sec. to open cmd or any other windows app like powershell,... .  
where i just without admin permission it's coming 1 sec.  
is it any way to remove this 30 sec. .
You right click on cmd.exe, select "run as administrator" and then not until after 30 seconds the UAC confirmation dialogue appears?
Can you confirm that to be what you are seeing?
i right klick the cmd and select run as administrator. no dialog box coming (uac is working) then waiting 30 sec. to command promp
Is that account a local account? Try a local account, for a test. Try also with a different admin.
local account is ok. domain account is just hang to 30 sec to 1 min to start cmd or powershell as administrator.
That would mean, the domain authentication has a problem.
Did you do as suggested and tried a different admin? Please make another domain user admin on that machine and try as him.
oh. everything is ok after i add user as administrator and set notification is null. Then cmd and cmd as administartor is the same.'And it's coming when i click on it. problem is solved. thanks guy.