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upgraded windows 7 home computers and lost home group sharing.  Need an alternative for sharing with windows 10 pro

I had 4 windows 7 home computers in a small office (not in server domain) and used windows 7 home group to share 1 folder on a computer to be accessible to the other 3 computers.  I recently upgraded these computers to windows 10 pro and of course, the home group is gone.  What would be the best way to simulate the home group so I can share out a folder on 1 computer to the others in a windows 10 pro environment?
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William FulksIT Services Analyst

Homegroup was removed from Windows 10 a while back, but you can still do folder sharing.

One of our users here wrote up a guide on how to set it up securely, you can read it here - https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/33712/Folder-Sharing-for-Modern-Computers-Version-2.html

Just curious, why'd you spend the money for Win10 Pro when you could have used Home?


We had purchased a pack of windows 10 pro for our main office and I had a few left over

I will try the guide and see if it works


Is there a free software that would be able to share out this folder in the cloud and the users access that program on each of the computers so they can also get to the folder if they are at their computer at home?
Configuration Manager & Windows 10 Administrator
You can use Microsoft OneDrive, sharing will be based on Microsoft live email or Dropbox.

The following guide explaining how to create an account and how to setup Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10: