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There are 2 computer:
Computer A
Computer B

Computer A has a wallpaper (a unique house).
I have to transfer this wallpaper from computer A to computer B

Somebody can refresh me for it please.

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Bill PrewTest your restores, not your backups...
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I'm assuming this is a custom image and not one of the Windows built-in images.

If so then the first question is do you know where on Computer A that file is located?  If so then it's a s simple as copying that file to Computer B, and then setting that as the wallpaper there.  See this link for that process: How to Change the Desktop Background in Windows 10 - dummies

If you don't know where the custom image file is then you can try opening the Settings, Personalization, Background.  Click on the "Browse" button there and I think it should show you the folder where the image is located.  Just find it there.

If you don't know the name of the file then from Personalization you can choose Themes and under the wallpaper thumbnail image near the top of the new window it should tell you the base file name.



Hi Bill Prew,

I follow your direction at computer A

go to Personalization > Background
Then, click Browse.... i saw 3 folders, but when i open the folders....they are NO files there

Then,  I try also Personalization > Themes
I do not see "the above unique house".... instead i saw other wallpapers.... I click one of them, then "the above uniques house " is gone... i do not know where it is now.

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if the wall paper displays - you could copy it with the snipping tool, and store that image for transfer to the other pc
Test your restores, not your backups...
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Okay, let me see if I can clarify using a couple of screen captures here.

First, go into Settings, Personalization, Background.  It should look something like the first image below.  (1) Select "Picture" in the "Background" drop down list.  (2) Click on the wallpaper image below that that you previously had.  (3) Click on "Browse" button.  File Explorer should open to the folder that contains the actual wallpaper image file, but you may need to change the view in Explorer to show large thumbnails to more easily find it.  It shouldn't be in a sub-folder.

If you still can't find the image file then after doing the steps I just mentioned, go to the "Themes" tab from the Background settings.  You should see the base name of the file there as shown by the arrow in the second image below.  You can then do a search for that file name with .* as the extension in whatever drives you think it might have been located.

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