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Mapped Drive

How to create a shared mapped drive within a domain
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Configuration Manager & Windows 10 Administrator
This is how to map drive in Windows 10:

and the below how to map drive using group policy:
Did you also want to create a share in addition?
If so, it will either be on a Windows Server xxx or on a workstation.
If it's a workstation then do this:
1) You give Sharing permissions to Everyone with Full Control - this shares it and removes any access restrictions.
2) You give Security permissions to a domain Group that you've defined in AD - this is where the access restrictions will be.
3) You put users in the group who would have access.
It's best to avoid giving users permissions directly on the share in order to have better flexibility and quick response with changes.
You can have more than one such group if you have more than one set of permissions to be applied; e.g. READ or READ/WRITE
Top Expert 2013

I created a blog article several years ago on the different options. If a relatively current server running a domain I would use Group Policy preferences, as outlined in the article. See Item #6: