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need a setup that has 2 mics and 1 receiver for a live stream conference

Puchased a wireless mic set with a receiver for a conference meeting I am putting on using gotomeeting.  I wanted 2 lapel mics with 1 receiver.  See attachment for the device I am referring to.  They work, but the audio quality is terrible.  Can someone suggest anything that would be 2 mics and 1 receiver plugging into the mic/headphone jack on my laptop?  

I have purchased a mic in the past that has 1 mic and 1 receiver that worked well but they do not have an option for 2 mics and 1 receiver.
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See screenshot.  Does this setup allow 2 mics to talk at the same time with 1 receiver?

can't comment on the 2nd post, until I can find the specs, but in the meantime, I have had some luck with cable splitters. Though some setups are picky about it.
You can go 2 mics > 1 receiver, or 2 receivers > mic jack on laptop.

a quick looks seems to be a 2 in - 1 out system

"Simply connect the receiver to your device, clip the transmitters to each speaker’s belt, clip the lav mic to your shirt, and you're ready to go."


only one review, but it is good.