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Testing Speed of Networks vs Circuit speed

Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston asked
We upgraded our circuit to a 200 meg circuit (Fiber)  200 up and 200 down.  I need to verify that the vendor is supplying us with fastest speed.   When I run a speed test, and I am connected directly to the router, my download speed is about 90 mbps  and the upload speed is about 180 mbps.  
I checking our sonic wall for any throttling and found none.  I looking for suggestion on the data I received and what I can do to validate the circuit?
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Your SonicWall device will be placed after your router, so if you're connected to your router you'll see raw speed.

Said other way, in the above config no other device has any speed effect.

If speed problems persist, you'll open a support ticket with your connection provider.
IT Technician
Found that the provider had mis-configured the circuit.
Scott JohnstonIT Technician


Appreciate your help.