Example of ChallengeResponseAuthentication in sshd_config

Balbir Singh
Balbir Singh used Ask the Experts™
I would like to use ChallengeResponseAuthentication directive in sshd_config want to set it yes. Basically I want a user to say/type yes before he attempts provide his password.

I am wondering how it can be achieved.

Thanks in advance!
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You'll search for something like - site:github.com ChallengeResponseAuthentication sshd_config PAM example OR tutorial - for examples of real world PAM modules to implement this type of scheme.

GitHub is a good starting point for various simple implementations of this type of PAM module.

While it can be more secure than just regular password authentication, ssh keys should be better.
David FavorFractional CTO
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I'm with serialband.

Personally, I'd skip working with ChallengeResponseAuthentication.

Instead, use ssh keys.

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