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Windows 10 Pro Older Software Does Not See Mapped Drive After Reboot

Hello all,
I have a client that we are switching over to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Pro.  They have an older program that does work fine (amazing) under Windows 10 Pro but the data is on a mapped drive to the server (Windows 2019 standard server).  Since this is an older program (and it is networkable) it does require to see the mapped drive.  
Now this only happens under Windows 10 and not Windows 7.
Upon reboot, though the mapped drive is there, the software does not see it unless I run the NET USE f: \\server\directory /persistent:yes command
Then it works.
I have created this as a batch file but it still does not work unless I physically run this after the startup is completed on the computer.
i have checked for any scripts and there are not any.
ALL other programs that require the mapped drive on the Windows 10 computer work beautifully except for this one.
What can I do to fix this so this software will see the mapped drive after reboot of the computer?
Thank you for your help in advance.
Kelly W.
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What system shares?
If not a domain environment, check whether your system has support for smbv1 which these days is/has many vulnerabilities and possibly got turned of.

Are you not able to remap in the event the profike where it was is no more following the update
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It is in a domain environment.
I checked to ensure that there are not any scripts that are causing this and there isn't.
Like I stated the Windows 7 machines do not have this problem.

I have no idea what your last line means.  
The drive mapping is there but if I go under command prompt as the administrator on the machine I do not see the mapping.  I run the net use command under the command prompt and it is there (with the /PERSISTENT:YES switch).  reboot the computer and the drive mapping is there under Windows Explorer but under command prompt as the administrator it is not.
maybe you started the program as different user.
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No did not start the program as a different user.
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