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Wamp Configuration

mustish1 used Ask the Experts™
How to i execute my php index file in wamp?  Thanks.
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You are apparently trying to run php on IIS, is it?
Did you configure.php extension on IIS?

Please try few things first:
  1. Ensure that IIS is working fine, by running default site
  2. Put a custom .htm file at your Web root and try running IIS. Does IIS correctly display the htm file?

If your .htm file shows up fine, but php fails - then we know the issue is with php configuration.
Else, it's an IIS configuration issue.

Lastly, you said you are trying to run WAMP. So that makes me wonder - are you REALLY trying to run IIS? Perhaps your Apache is running on a different port.

I just checked your images... It seems your IIS is running on port 80. So obviously it is not finding your WAMP directory.

Did WAMP install successfully? If it finds someone already using port 80 (here it is IIS) - it may have had informed during installation and may have switched to 8080 or similar. If you launch Apache - you should find it working.