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Frank Freese
Frank Freese used Ask the Experts™
In expanding my VBA knowledge in ACCESS 2016 I have run across KeyCode = 0. In searching the Internet I am not clear what people are saying about this particular KeyCode and when to use it.   Can someone please clarify?
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Mark EdwardsChief Technology Officer
I went to google and entered "Access VBA Keycode(0)" as the search criteria and came up with a wealth of info on Keycode(0) used in Access VBA.
Why are there so many out there who don't know how to use google?
THAT"S an unfair response. WE all can't be perfect like you and I take offense to your observation. NOT very professional! I will delete this question!
DELETED this question - very unprofessional response.
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NO help at all!
Mark EdwardsChief Technology Officer
Frank.  You're right.  Sorry.  My bad.
But the results you get from "Access VBA Keycode(0)" will explain it a lot better than I can, and give you several scenarios where it is used.
Thanks for your response.
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Keycode = 0 is often used when for example where you only want to allow certain characters to be entered into a textbox, like just numbers, or just letters. And so in the KeyDown event of the textbox you would check the keycode of the keyboard entry and if it was an invalid, you would have a line of code that would say "Keycode = 0" which has the effect of "eating" the entry which results in the character not being entered.
THERE you go and thanks MARTIN. GLAD to see we are both still hanging in. FAMILY doing OK?

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