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sparse download file in vba

I would like to extract the location,city,country etc.from the attach file in vba.
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Pavel Celba
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Your file is in JSON format which is described e.g. here:

You may read it in VBA using e.g. JSON Converter:
Some code samples are also here:
extract the location,city,country etc

Does "etc" mean you want all possible data?
You can use the vbscript.regexp object to do your parsing.

The regex pattern you would need for this sample is:

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Correction on the regex pattern.  I missed a capture group.  Should be:

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alimark having problems setting up the pattern with the quotation marks
1. Select the pattern and replace single quote characters with two quote characters.
2. Put the resulting string inside a pair of quote characters.
aikimark got an example of the entire function?
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aikimark Awesome!!