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Upgrade to Win10

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Question: I have windows 7 professional in my laptop. When i do the upgrade to Win10 can i upgrade to win10 home or I must upgrade to win10 professional ?

Thank you,
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I believe you have to stay with the same version (home-home or pro-pro).  Why wouldn't you want to stay with Pro?


because its more expensive :)
At the moment, you may be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  You can download the Media Creation Tool at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and then use it to download the WIndows 10 ISO to do the upgrade.

For most people, the upgrade works (assuming your hardware will support it) and gets activated.  The legal side of it has been debated on many forums.  In my view (and I'm not a lawyer and have no authority on this), the license from Microsoft says that if you have a valid Windows license (not explicitly Windows 10 license), you can do the upgrade.
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If you had the laptop during the free offer, tried it and reverted or you bought the system right about the Joffer.
You were auto entitled.

This is the "free" mention.


Thank you so much it works it works!
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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You have awarded person who did not give you answer for your question.
The question was If you can upgrade from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Home, not how to do Upgrade.

The answer is NO!
You can't change Windows Pro to Home without a Home Key !!!
You can do Upgrade but You'll get same Windows level so Home to Home and Pro to Pro.

If you have Windows 7 Home key you can do Upgrade to Pro then change Version by changing Windows Key

I'm sorry but You should NOT award point to CompProbSolv for his answer
I would agree that the answer I gave that was awarded as the solution is not really the solution.  However, my previous answer: "I believe you have to stay with the same version" did actually answer the question.  Of course, I could have been more direct with preceding it by "no".
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IN actuality, the asker chose the answer that solved their issue.
How to get from 7 to 10 with minimal expense.

The answer is to try the free upgrade route.
This is a common problem on EE, in my experience.  Should we answer the specific question that is asked or should we redirect the question to what they really should be asking?  It comes up fairly often.
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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We should be so much professional that is possible so reply to question, and then suggest other resolutions, not changing topic I think.
In this case he did not ask If he can upgrade,,, he stated that he is doing upgrade so I assume he knows he can do upgrade.

Sorry If I'm picky ! :)
I don't take it as picky at all.  You are correct.  I can be far worse on this account!

Yes, a better answer should have been: No, you can't change between Pro and Home as an upgrade.  (question answered)

Then, being helpful, add: Why don't you use the (arguably) free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

From my experience on EE, had only the first answer been given, it would not likely have been declared the answer.
Sorry Guys i just saw all your answer. I assigned some points to Comp Prob becasue i thought it was fair to assign some points to anyone who take the time to read and provide some suggestions.

should I only moving forward assign point to only the one person who provide the solution that solve my problem ?

will the other people to helped, researched be pissed off ?

Thank you for clarifying this to me,
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IMHO It is solely up to you to choose comments that helped you. Any other choices for comments that may have helped, is at your discretion.