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Event ID 3007 - Error opening event log files State.Log & Parameters.Log  - Windows 2019 Server

btm02sf used Ask the Experts™
On a new Windows 2019 Server (Dell PowerEdge T340), single domain controller, that I am configuring for a new office, I keep getting two entries in the Administrative Events area of EventViewer, both of them EventID 3007 - EvntAgnt. The two entries state an error when opening a log file as follows below and in the attached screenshot:

Error opening event log file Parameters. Log will not be processed. Return code from OpenEventLog is 87.
Error opening event log file State. Log will not be processed. Return code from OpenEventLog is 87.

I have spent a good chunk of time researching these errors, trying to figure out what is trying to access these logs, and what is it precluding that action from completing. I was not able to find any useful links on the Internet. I searched Drive C for both Parameters.log and State.log and I was not able to find any file anywhere with this names.

So, I am puzzled about the source of these event viewer entries. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.
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Disable SNMP Service. Just go to services.msc, find SNMP Service, then stop it, and finally disable it.


Hi Dimitris. Indeed it was SNMP that was triggering those events. I disabled it, rebooted, and events didn't appear anymore. Unfortunately, I had to enable SNMP back, as Dell iDRAC is using SNMP. Now that I know why the events appear, I am OK, and won't worry about them in the future. Thank you for your assistance