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Mail flow route through on primses spam firewall

I have hybrid Office 365  with exchnage 2010 I want to use the filtering and compliance solutions that are already in my on-premises spam firewall.
Mail sent to the internet from cloud mailboxes and onprimses  must route through my on-premises spam firewall. .

please suggest me below step is correct or not.

1. MX record to my on-premises ip addresss
2.Create outgoing connector on office 365 portal  (any email to our public ip address)
3.Create receive connector on primses.
One more question ,later staget if i  decommision exchnage 2010 and keep only onprimses firewall and office 365, how mail flow will happend.
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Shabarinath TR
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In short, MX record needs to continue pointing to your onpremise IP. This will take care of the inbound emails from internet.
For Outbound mails to be routed through onpremise, you need to enable "Centralized Mail Transport" while re-running hybrid configuration wizard. This will ensure that outbound emails to internet from Office365 as well as ONpremise will get routed through the onpremise gateways.

Refer this link for more clarity.

Good luck
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Hi shabarinath,

thank you for reply.

if I decommission onprimses exchange can I route office 365 email through onprimses spam firewall.
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Hemil Aquino
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