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Hi Experts,

We have a table called "Users", that has fields: ID, Username, etc.
In another table, called "Daily Sheet Felling", the Field Username from table Users is being used as lookup list. Made through Lookup Wizard in Table Design View.
In table "Daily Sheet Felling" we do see a list of all the usernames.
However, we discovered that the User's ID is being stored in the table "Daily Sheet Felling" instead of the username. When we go in Design View of the table "Daily Sheet Felling" the datatype is set to Numbers instead of short text.

How can we create a lookup that returns the exact username instead of it's ID?

Table UsersLookup list in Table "Daily Sheet Felling"Design View of table "Daily Sheet Felling"
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At first having a Number is the 100% correct thing to do
If you want to "see" the Username just drag the 2 tables to QDE (Query Designer Editor)...join them on ID  <-->Operator_name_DS_F and just drag the fields you want to display and for the UserName just drag the UserName on the Fields to display.
Gilberto SanchesFreelance ICT Consultant


Hey John, thanks for the explanation. Your solution works, thanks a bunch :D
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

Glad i helped..

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