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Example of configuration management plan

I am looking for examples of a configuration management plan that describes baseline security/applications/programs for workstations and servers. I have found lots of information on how to do this in a large company by using lots of people to hold lots of meetings and write lots of papers. I only have me. I'm looking for some generic example of what this would look like. Maybe it's writer's block. Key words would be NIST and cyber security.
I'm hoping you have come across something like this in the past.
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Thank you for detailed comment. It is very insightful. I wanted to look over what you had written and see if I had any questions. You have given me a perspective I didn't have before. It's still a tall order for me to tackle, but I have a better focus on what I'm looking at and what I will produce.
 I couldn't do this without you! This has the most wisdom in one comment I have ever seen.
MikeRKaplan:  It was my pleasure to help!