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Generating User Certificates with a sAMAccountName as the CN

I am configuring 802.1x for a wireless deployment.  I am using Microsoft CA Services to do auto-enroll for user certificates.  The problem I am having is that the template I cloned (the user template), generates the CN as the "Display Name" (e.g. John Doe) what I would like for it to use is the sAMAccountName (e.g. jdoe).  The issue is that if I do `display name`, the user would need to type "John Doe" for the EAP while everything else would be `Jdoe`.  Does anyone know of a way to do this?  We are using FortiAuthenticator as the RADIUS server.  

Side note, I was able to get it working using the FortiAuthenticator as the CA but I cannot use GPO to auto-enroll the users so it makes it more complex.
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Are your 802.1x depends on the user or the system?
Are these domain based machines or personal devices that a user brings in?