How to refresh tabular model to reflect changes on underlying table source

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I am working with a tabular model in Visual studio SQL SERVER 2017 and one of my underlying source table has changed design.
I would like to refresh the table on my model so that this change is updated on my tabular model.

When i look this up there are lots of references ( ,
 to go to the DSV (data source view) but i don't see data source view under solution explorer -
If i click on the 'data source' under tabular model explorer  but there is no refresh option.

I tried processing the database on full since someone mentioned that as a solution (
but i'm still getting an error

I would appreciate any help or advice on this please?
Thank you
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i believe i have figured it out if this can help anyone else.
On Tabular Model Explorer, I right clicked on teh table and opened properties
I clicked on the Design option which opens up a power query window.
Here you will see a notification stating that the table may not have been updated in X hours. and a refresh button option.
When you click on that it will refresh the data from source.
if you don't have that option click on the 'Query' tab and you will see refresh options.

Click on the home tab and choose save and update.
When you go back into your design view - you will see the display and details of your table may not yet be showing.
You need to process this table now from source as you usually would. (Right click on Model> Process>Table - make sure you have the table in question highlighted.

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