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Adding third party email account to iPhoneI

Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy used Ask the Experts™
I wish to add an email account to the email client on my iPhone 7. My  email address is s…….@eircom.net (an Irish  provider, formerly Eircom.ie and now  Eir.ie)
 I have .’chatted’ online with Eir.ie  technical support. They told   me I have to get the details about outgoing and incoming servers from my own internet supplier, which is not eir.ie  but Lycamobile.ie. When I contacted Lycamobile support the didn’t seem to know what I was talking about (and probably I don’t) when I asked them about the  outgoing server I needed from them.
I rarely use Lycamobile for my internet, depending on the local WIFI in my office or home. I always thought that my email works with any  WiFi connection even if my supplier (Lycamobile)  is out of range or down, or if I have clicked on ‘forget this network and enabled a local WiFi). I’m probably wrong.
Anyway I have not succeeded in getting adding the account to my iPhone)
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William FulksIT Services Analyst

I would try contacting their support again. Looks like they use webmail and that might be all you need for the incoming/outgoing servers. It makes so sense to put your ISP's servers in there if your email is hosted elsewhere.

Try setting up a POP account on your phone using webmail.eircom.net as the server name and see if it works.

Not sure how accurate this info is, but you can always try it - https://smtpimap.email/eircom.net-smtp-imap-email-settings.html
Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010

Incoming Mail Server Host Name is webmail.eircom.net
Outgoing Mail Server Host Name is mail1.eircom.net

Source: https://www.serversettings.email/eircom.net-email-server-settings-imap.php#iphone
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013

While it's possible you would use your ISPs servers to SEND email this is generally not done these days as mail sent would appear to be sent from places NOT associated with that domain and generally be classified as spam.  Even then, that's just for sending, for receiving you MUST go through the email provider.

Either you didn't explain well to the person you chatted with or they didn't understand what you were talking about.  These days, the provider of email services (the folks who own the domain @eir.ie (for example)) are the ones who are responsible for the server settings to connect the email.

You can try the settings as posted by others, but if they don't work, I'd chat again and hope you get someone different.

You got poor advice from the EIR technical support (surprise, surprise!!) or at least they failed to clarify the issue.

In effect you can download/access your email in Mail on iOS on ANY network mobile or WiFi but you cannot access their SMTP mail server to send emails unless you're on an Eir network.   This explains why they advise you to use a 3rd party SMTP server like Lycamobile for sending emails as putting in the mail1.eircom.net server will fail to send emails for you.

When setting up a NEW account the default process on iOS is to enter the email and password and it tries to work out all the settings automatically but EIR servers are a bit fussy and often fails to respond properly (or at all) and the setup process fails.

You basically have to enter all the settings manually.

Choose OTHER as the account type .. the OUTGOING mail server HOST NAME is  : webmail.eircom.net
You need to enable TLS/SSL and port 993 if using IMAP (I'd recommend this over POP) in the ADVANCED section of the MAil Account settings


Thanks for all the support. Definitely Ulster Rugby is better than my Munster. So it is clear that I need to get the outgoing server information from Lycamobile. .i have set it up as suggested and find thaI now can receive emails on that account but cannot send them. So I will take the advice above and get on to Lycamobile. I will then get back to you all


I got in touch with Lycamobile. They do not do webmail and do not supply outgoing server settings. The agent went through checking my APN SETTINGS and said all would work provided these were in place. My eircom account can receive incoming emails, but as you have noted above, the problem is with the outgoing settings. I did everything asked for in the first link below
(How to set up settings on an iPhone) but  got error message “the connection to the outgoing server mail1.eircom.net failed”
Tried the second link below but could not get it to work



The way to check is to go somewhere with an EIR broadband service, jump on the WIFI and test the SMTP service.  You'll find that it works when on an Eircom network.

The reality is that EIR have stopped giving our @eircom.net accounts for some time and would be delighted if all their existing email users went away and just paid them for broadband or phone services.  The cost of managing mail services is a thorn in their side and you'll find their support is minimal. The reality is that they've always made it hard to use @eircom.net email services and their webmail offering is poor.

They INTENTIONALLY block sending using their SMTP servers unless on their network mostly to limit the attractiveness of the email service to anyone other than existing EIR users.


Thanks for that information. Is there any way out of this for me?  Of course I am able to access and send eircom.net emails through my browser. But I'd like to have it available on my iPhone client service.
William FulksIT Services Analyst

Given the amount of trouble you've had with them, I'd seriously considered switching to another provider.
Resign yourself to the fact you can read but not reply.

You can of course setup a different smtp server like a gmail etc and reply but the recipient will see the gmail address not the eircom.net one.  

In effect you'd have to either
use a vpn to connect to a pc or server connected to the eir broadband network which would then allow you to send to their mail server
fake your ip address so that the eircom mail servers think you're on their network and allow the mail to send

neither of these options are quick or easy to implement I'm afraid


Thanks guys. This forum which I have been using not exactly since its infancy but not long after is not only technically brilliant in the quality of its experts, but it has wonderful spirit. The experts in this forum give new meaning to the term ‘advice’.  Where in other ‘help forums’ hands are thrown up in exasperation at the inability of the questioner to take the advice and ‘walking away ‘ is not far behind’ , in Experts Exchange there is a persistence in getting the questioner  - who is frequently (and in my own case always)  resistant to logical thinking  - to understand the advice given and  put it into practice so that the problem is solved. I am living proof of that.