CPU running at 100% in task manager after clean install of windows 10?

Craig Sabo
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I noticed that one of our employee computers was running slow and found that the CPU was running at 100%, not matter what application was opened. After some testing, I replaced the SSD and clean installed Windows 10 and I'm still having the same issue. I have booted into safe mode and found the CPU running normally, but I can't identify what would be the high CPU cause. I've also ran process explorer and it shows nothing using that much CPU. Can someone help me? BTW, I'm running the latest version of Windows 10. Thanks
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In taskmanager, sort by CPU use, which process consumes the most CPU?

Login using a different to see whether a specific user or all users who login into this system will have the same slow, high CPU ....

How much RAM in the system?
Craig SaboInformation Systems Manager


      When I sort by CPU use in Task Manager, the top consuming app or process, constantly changes. I have 16GB of DDR3 RAM installed. I have run windows memory diag., with no issues.
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Which combination of processes show up at the top %cpu consumers?

Does this happen to any user who is logged in?
It is impossible to solve an issue without identifying the issue and then cause.

Try the following, access advanced system settings. Advanced change pergormance settings to maximum pergormance, eliminating all asctetic features.. Go forther to advanced, explicitly set a limit on how much can be used for paging versus allowing Windows to manage it.

Trying to see whether what is being used, running consumes large amount f memory leading to system paging.

Anti-virus, Windows firewall being subject to continual ...... Will raise CPU usage
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Check equipment compatibility
Check the drivers and update
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mcorsv (sp?)
System idle process (ignore as it is just a space holder)

The previous are low priority items and will release cpu/disk if other process need them.
Robert RComputer Service Technician
Since this is a new install, windows is probably installing updates in the background. Check for updates let them install reboot the computer then check the cpu usage.
Craig SaboInformation Systems Manager


Thank you all for your help. I've been working on this problem for several days now and have had no luck. I decided to install Windows 8.1 and see if Windows 10 was issue which is was. I guess the hardware, even though it met the system requirements for Windows 10, wasn't compatible. Thanks again
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Identifying the circumstances of High CPU ... not sure it is a HW or attributable to the hardware.  updating BIOS if available etc. from the vendor ......

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