Number row on laptop keyboard stops working once logged into windows account

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Number keys on Number Row not working once logged into Windows on Dell Vostro 5471 latpop (no built in number pad)

I can log in using the Number Row to enter my numeric PIN with no issues, but once logged in, I can not type using the Number Keys in the Number Row.

I have tried a reboot, uninstalling/reinstalling keyboard drivers, and adding a new keyboard type (canadian) and deleting and then adding the US Qwerty keyboard back.

Nothing has worked so far.  

I cannot for the life of me find anything about a key combo or setting change that would disable the number row only when logged in.
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Sorry, if i am stating a dumb issue, but have you checked caps lock settings ?


I wish!
No rhyme and no reason the number pad began to work minutes ago after pressing SHIFT + 1 to print a "!".  After that it has been working as expected.
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Does your security software include "keystroke protection", Constant Guard/GuardID/Trusteer Endpoint Protection etc.
This can be inadvertently activated and is, rather ironically, designed to prevent keylogging but in doing so causes exactly the effect you describe.  Disable using a keypress combination - could be Shift+1 I guess - but if you can identify a product the key combination to toggle on/off should be easy enough to look up.


Nope, no such software is installed for or to supress key logging. But thanks for taking the time to throw out an idea!
if the issue is with the numeric pad ( and even otherwise ), you may check the keyboard model rather than layout.

it is fairly possible you had a weird keyboard model such as one targeted for a laptop, dvorak, whatever model with 91 keys, ... and using one of the keys that are not supposed to exist triggered a mechanism that made it use the proper model.

that would be difficult to check since the correct model is probably remembered now if my hunch is correct.

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