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Win10pro Hyper-v dual NIC help

We have a PC that we have staged with Windows10 pro and enabled Hyper-V
We have set up a Windows10pro VM
The physical host has two network cards.
One set via DHCP
One set with a static IP

There is an application that will run on the VM that needs to communicate with the static IP network card.  
Everything else on the VM can/should go through the DHCP assigned network card.

I've done some sleuthing around the internet, but cannot find or decipher how to achieve this in the network settings of the HyperV.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Technical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
Since there are two NIC ports on the host set the virtual switch EXTERNAL to Exclusive thus removing any TCP/IP stack elements on that NIC port for the host.

Then, assign that vSwitch to the Windows 10 VM.

From there, the host and the guest should be able to communicate if they are on the same subnet or a router is routing traffic between host and guest.


Thank you Philip.

I will give that a try in a little bit and let you know how it goes.


Thanks for the info Philip.

I didn't exactly see the options to set the external switch to exclusive or assign it to the VM

However I ended up using what you said and just creating to external switches, one for each NIC.
Now both the host and the VM can use each card.  At least they can ping the subnets that each NIC is physically connected to.

I will see if I can find where the 'exclusive' settings are at and play with it, just for my own knowledge or in case anyone else stumbles across this post.

Thank you again!
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
This is the setting:
Share with Host OSUncheck that to make the virtual switch "exclusive".

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