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lto best size block

I have hp lto7 standalone tape library for archiving , what the block size that I should use it ?
I have 7za files that is generated from windows 2016.
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large blocks help keep the tape moving.. every start/stop introduces either a long delay to stop / roll back a little & start again.   (stop is breaking , start is accelerating).
Too large blocks may introduce rewrites due to badspots on tapes if quality is questionable.   the start/stop will also occurr en reading a tape back so most probably fairly large blocks are best.
(and not too old tapes help as well).
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In my experience too large a block can result in issues down the road.  Long blocks means longer times for retries.  So down the road if you need to red the data back, it could be problematic.  As the tape ages, it losses some flex and  can experience more flutter.  Although still readable,  longer blocks can expose two issues.  One they may get more initial read errors than smaller blocks and two it will take more time to reverse and retry those blocks.   Use the red riding hood rule here.  Not too big and not to small, but someplace in between should be  just right.