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Google forms for menu choices for large group evening meal

I am setting up a Google Forms questionnaire to collect menu choices for a group evening meal. We are expecting 100 to 120 guests so menu choices have to be pre-selected.

I currently have it setup that you have to submit a separate form for each person attending the meal and am using a party organiser name to group the results together.

As it will be mostly families that are completing the form it would be great if one person could complete the form with a list of names and then each individual's menu choices. I would expect each family group to be less than 10 but wouldn't want to apply a restriction just in case.

There would be some basic questions, party organiser name, email etc and then would be great if it could flow as:
Guest 1, add menu choices
Add another Guest or Submit
Guest 2, add menu choices
Add another Guest or submit
etc etc

I have looked at the various templates and I notice in Google forms there are various Add-Ons that can be enabled but haven't found one that does this. Does anyone know of one that does?

Current setup generates a spreadsheet with a list of the choices which I can easily summarise for submitting to the venue.

I could set it up with pre-determined number of guests but I don't believe that would generate the summary sheet like I currently have and I have to make a decision on how many guests per submission, too few and the person completing still has to complete multiple submissions, too many and the person completing has blank question sections to scroll past and I end up with multiple blanks in the summary sheet.

The summary facility needs to stay but it doesn't have to be Google forms, only using that because I have used it before and understand it; and its free, which is also required as it is for a volunteer group. I have a personal O365 subscription which includes MS Forms but that does not seem as extensive as Google forms.

What would also be great but maybe stretching a bit here, if each Guest added could be included in a total cost which is then delivered to person completing the form so they know how much they will have to pay for the evening; there will be a category choice for each guest (member or guest, adult or child etc) with different prices.

I realise this is effectively an online sales/order form so would expect there to be something out there to enable this but it has to be free and has to be simple to setup and subsequently use. I am doing in this in my own time as a volunteer. As a group we have previously done this the old fashioned method on paper but if it works this time there may be scope to use it again so might be able look at using a paid version but it would have to be very cheap.

Any help greatly appreciated,
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Currently got round the multiple guest issue by having a section per guest (10 in total) with a question at the end of each section asking whether another guest is required. Answering Yes goes to next guest section, answering No skips to group choice sections after the individual guest choices.

Works perfectly well on the form but I will have to do some tweaking of the submitted data to make into a list for supplying data to the venue. I might need help with that.

Summary sheet now has columns for:
Guest 1 | Guest 1 choices | Guest 2 | Guest 2 choices | Guest 3 | Guest 3 choices |....| Guest 10 | Guest 10 choices | Group Information

I will need to transform to:
Guest 1   Guest 1 choices  Group Information
Guest 2   Guest 2 choices
Guest 3   Guest 3 choices
Guest 10   Guest 10 choices

If submission is only for 4 guests, columns for Guests 5 to 10 will be blank so will be deleted.

I suspect there will be 50+ submissions for up to 120 guests so won't be too onerous to do manually but would prefer to do with automation of some sort. Responses sheet will be in Google sheets but can copy to Excel.
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