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Can we configure our ssh server as threaded instead of forked?

Balbir Singh
Balbir Singh asked
I am wondering if we can configure ssh server to be configured as threaded service instead of fork server. Like when a new ssh request is received then a child thread is created instead of child process.

Thanks in advance
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You are presumably using openssh?

Or you have a comercial SSH version?

See https://www.psc.edu/hpn-ssh a discussion on improving .....

Have not looked recently, but whether forked or Threaded is not a configurable option. I think the application had to have been built to use threads versus spawning new process for child processes.
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To do this you'll rewrite sshd using multi-threading.

The purpose of forking a child is to partition each connection from each other in separate processes.

This enforces very high security, so a rewrite to multi-threaded would also mean you'd effect sshd security, making sshd far less secure.