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Windows detects monitor at too low resolution

Windows 10 build 1803: monitor detected wrong

I got a laptop (Dell Latitude 5580) connected to a docking station (USB C). It has 2 monitors connected. A Dell 19 inch (1280x1024) and as primary a HD dell monitor (1920x1080).

All well, but now I replace the old 19 inch to a dell HD (also 1920x1080) monitor.
Windows "sees" the old 19" model, and refuses to detect the nw monitor. Even by restarting (obvious), removing the drivers from device manager, all done, I can't set the resolution higher than 1280x1024, making the new monitor blurry.

Tried a lot of things but no avail. Tried to put the monitor on the laptop itself over VGA and this seems to go well. Putting it back to the docking makes windows detect it as the old monitor. Is there a wat to realy force Windows to use the native (higher) resolution?

Display Drivers are updates, and I tried to manualy put the monitor te a generic HD monitor.  The displaycard id an integrated Intel HD620.
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
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If you have only the new monitor connected using the docking station, does it allow for a higher res? If yes, the overall resolution might be restricted by the VGA chip, not going over 1280 + 1920 .
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Do you see the same results if once docked you force the graphics drivers to restart (CTRL+SHIFT+WinKey+B)??

If so this is an EDID issue with your new monitor

Which cable are you using to connect the new screen?
Does new monitor display OK at native resolution if it is the only screen attached to the dock?


omg, indeed it is that dock.  I am back on the company in 2 days. I will check this out.


Tnx! This was the trick I needed.