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O365 LastPasswordChangeTimestamp  property not updated after user changed his password

Éric Moreau
Éric Moreau asked
In my Office 365 tenant, one of the user changed his password January 5th (I have the proof through an Activity alert I have set sent by Office 365) but the LastPasswordChangeTimestamp  property that I query using PowerShell is still showing the previous date when he changed his password (Sept 24, 2019).

We are using Office 365 alone (our AD is on-premise and fully disconnected).

We have a policy set to have the password expiring after 90 days. The user still have access to his mailbox.

Anybody saw that before? How to fix?
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When you say you query it using PowerShell, you mean you're connecting to the msonline module first then running something like

Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName joeblow@yourdomain.com | Select-Object LastPasswordChangeTimestamp

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
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absolutely. I see all properties except that the value is set to Sept 24 instead of being Jan. 5.
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Kind of found it. Microsoft looked at the logs and found out that an error was triggered at the exact same time that the LastPasswordChangeTimestamp  was to be updated.

I have since then reset the password and it now shows correctly.