Creating back up of Hyper-V VM

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I've got a couple of different programs for point of sale systems & I normally will build a customer's menu, database, etc., on a VM running in Hyper-V on my computer, back the DB up & restore to customer's computer. While learning a new program, I've managed to trash my VM I intended to use for this & am now waiting as a new VM is being created, which is eating up time better spent working on my actual task at hand!
For future reference, I'd like to make a backup, image or something, so that if I need to start from scratch again, I can restore this VM, rather than wait & go through the whole process of creating the VM, installing OS, etc.
What would be my best option for this?
Also, I don't remember this taking as long as it seems to have in the past - computer is running a 2.8 GHz i7-7700HQ, 16GB ram & 1 TB Samsung 960 EVO & I've been waiting over an hour...
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The backup can be encrypted across two or more USB3 HDDs (via UNC preferred way).

Can Cloud the backup for "off-site" too.


Thank you!

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