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Help needed installing emulator in visual studio 2019 for a C# Android project

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First I should mention that this is "all new to me" because I always worked with visual studio 2008 on Windows CE devices using vb.net.

Now I am having trouble installing a working emulator in visual studio 2019 for a C# Android project.  I am trying to make changes to a working project with my newly installed visual studio 2019, and I choose Create Android Emulator from the dropdown at the Start button.  The problem is that most I've tried to install literally hang for hours and never finish, and the few that have successfully installed won't work.  For example, one that did install successfully was Pixel 2 Pie 9.0 - API 28 for the x86_64 processor, but when I try to debug I get this error:

ADB0020: Android ABI mismatch.  You are deploying an app supporting 'x86' ABIs to an incompatible device of ABI 'x86_64'.  You should either create an emulator matching one of your app's ABIs or add 'x86_64' to the list of ABIs your app build for.

So I try to install the emulator for Pixel 2 Pie 9.0 - API 28 for the x86 processor, but it hangs forever.  I know from experience that if I let it sit there all night it will still be sitting there spinning tomorrow morning.

Any ideas or suggestions?  TIA
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Have you installed Intel HAXM driver?