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how can I get my  HP ENVY Photo 6255 printer back online?

GMartin asked
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

            I am needing guidance in resolving a wireless printing issue with an HP ENVY Photo 6255 printer.   Basically, whenever I send a document to the printer, I get a message indicating the printer is offline.  That said, what can I do to get the printer back online so it will receive and print my documents?

             Any technical help directed toward this concern will be greatly appreciated.

             Thank you

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Principal Software Engineer
If the printer is within 15 feet of the computer, then try switching to wired USB instead of wireless.  It's been my experience that switching to a USB connection solves a lot of unusual printer problems.
Distinguished Expert 2019
George, i have had that problem also - and everytime i have re-installed the software


Hello and Good Afternoon Nobus and Dr. Klahn,

           Thank you for taking the time to review my question and sharing your suggestions.  Technically, you both answered my question because I have used your suggestions in the past, but, with a different printer.   That said, I am very pleased to say this concern is now resolved by simply powering off the printer, powering off the laptop, and restarting with the printer first and then laptop.  Once everything loaded, the printer automatically started printing the jobs sent to it when it was offline.  

             In conclusion, the offline issue with the printer seems to be fine at the moment.  However, if the issue should arise again, I will know what to do if the power off/power on strategy does not work.  Incidentally, Nobus, I did notice a few links within your submitted link.  Should I concentrate just on the driver link just in case the printer drivers are slightly out of date?  I am running Windows 10 and thought automatic updates are working.  But, I might be mistaken.  Besides, I am not exactly sure how to determine if I am running the latest drivers for the printer.  At any rate, thanks again for your help :-)

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driver version :
Go to Devices and Printers > Right Click on the appropriate Printer icon and select "Printer Properties" - Click on the (About) last TAB on the right. You will see the printer driver's version there. Driver version and other related information should be available under Device Manager (just search for 'devmgmt.

you can update it if you want to