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Suppress line data

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Hello, can you please help me set criteria on the crystal form to suppress any line item from printing (in the body) if the quantity equals zero?
The form is attached with saved data.

Thank you.
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Does "quantity" mean your LineQty formula, or something else?

 I assume that "line item" refers to the details, but you have 3 detail sections.  Do you want to suppress all of those (Da, Db and Dc), or just certain subsections?

 You already have a suppression formula for each detail section.  Theoretically, you just need to add a test on the quantity to the suppression formulas for the appropriate sections.

 Or, if you don't need any of the data in the records with a 0 quantity, you could add a test to the record selection formula to exclude those records from the report completely.

I changed the details C suppression formula and it gave me the result
Glad to hear that you got it worked out.