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Server issues with KB4534271

I am having a challenge with an update for Server 2016 Standard.  My network is small with one Hyper V hosting two instances of server 2016 Standard.  Svr1 and Svr2.  Svr1 is the domain controller, DHCP DNS server.  Svr2 hosts one program.
The issue started with being advised updates were available.

Svr1 is downloading updates, and has been at 11% for over 2 hours.

 Svr2 is downloading something and was at 31% 18 hours ago.  When I try check on Svr2 to see if it has advanced, Settings will not start.  The CPU shows 99 to 100% from task manager,  Svr2 has Service Host:Local (17) using the 99 to 100%
I have tried to end task for Windows update and Update orchestrator service on Svr2..  Both are listed as stopping in Services  , but do not actually stop.

Svr1 shows System to be using 94 to 95% CPU resources.

Is there a method to either stop the update process, or assist it in some manner to free up server CPU resources?  Is there a better way to get this update than letting Windows attempt to download it.  The internet speed is not great at this site  [3 to 5 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up]
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before install updates check the prerequisites first...
read about the update...

as well windows downloads can found here

if its creating issue you can find an delete them   or delete all files on the above location and start update again

all the best
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I over reacted, and SVR1 had completed and wanted a restart, which is happening now.  SVR2 has two failed updates I will deal with later, after making the snapshot