Host can't ping NFS target

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One ESXi host cannot ping its NFS targets.

So obviously the NFS datastores show inaccessible. For reference, every other ESXi host work fine and can ping its NFS targets.

Every host has the NFS portgroup with the vlan and vmk/uplink settings are exactly the same with the exception of one of the physical NICs has no CDP information and the "Networks" section under CDP shows empty if I remember correctly. No indication that the uplink is down so could this still be a UCSM/Fabric upstream switch issue?

Thanks again
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lack of cdp and discovery is indeed a hint... if that interface is the one that nfs is supposed to use. note that network discovery is based on traffic so this can be normal if nothing uses that interface. cdp should definitely work if it is enabled both in the switch and esx.

this indicates something is wrong, possibly with the cable, the switch port, or maybe some inconsistent usage of link aggregation on the switch and esx... difficult to determine without knowing your setup.

also check the esx firewall has not been activated, and other possible regular issue such as the nfs server's name resolution if you are not using an ip.
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check your physical networking.


Ok I fixed the issue, it was a flapping port on the Nexus that went err-disabled. I no shut the port. Sorry I made the thread before I sat down to troubleshoot because I had a few other things going on and forgot that network wasn't on the FI so it was easy to troubleshoot. We obviously have an issue with redundant uplinks not failing over correctly because one flapping port shouldn't bust up the datastores.


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