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Synology router and/or nas on permanent vpn (split vpn)?


I m thinking of setting up a permanent vpn for my Synology router (mr 2200 ac and/or Synology nas ds918+).

The idea is that this adds extra protection, maybe also speed (I know in general speed hoes down but maybe by using compression techniques?) and anonymity (add blocking/spyware blocking offered by vpn providers, also tracking my Internet usage by companies will be harder).

Also, that way I could put my home network wherever I want in the world.
Disadvantage might be that I get search results for that country I set my vpn to.
Advantage: I could switch Netflix to another country :-)

Note: have already Pihole and safe browsing enabled (Synology router).

I do would need split tunneling then since I d need to be able to vpn to my synologies vpn server. Also I guess I better take a vpn connection to a nearby country for low latency.

For the vpn I d take a lifetime subscription on f.e. fastestvpn or vpn unlimited.

Lots of open questions. Anyways, appreciate your input!
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